Hot Crystals Massage

Hot Crystals massage is treatment where natural rocks, polished tumble stones (crystals) are used to treat auric fields and the chakras.  It is believed that if our auric field remains intact, disease will not occur.  Vibration of crystals can positively work on the electric magnetic field which is the aura/energy surrounding our bodies.

Massage with hot crystals can not only have a profound spiritual effect but also can affect the musculoskeletal system. Hot crystals massage is much better than Hot Stone Massage as they hold many healing properties which lava stone do not have.

Special  crystals are selected to work with any of the conditions the client presents with, be this high blood pressure, muscle injuries, joint problems, the lymphatic system, connective tissues, spiritual or energetic.

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  • Rajib
    Rajib Friday, 04 December 2015 17:26 Comment Link

    Hi, a friend of mine, who has been to you recently told me that you are having xmas special price . Could you tell me when does it start? Cheers.

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