Abhyanga massage

Is a traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage using herbal infused oil to impart tone and vigor to the seven tissues of the body (Dhatus) in order to nurture and foster their growth. Abhyanga helps to restore the balance and equilibrium needed to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

The oil selected for Abhyanga will depend on a person's constitution and current state of being.  This is likely to change according to factors such as seasonal rhythms, age, diet and lifestyle. The oil used for treatment will be that which is most suitable for a individual’s current state of being and will aim to pacify any existing imbalances in order to restore equilibrium and promote health and well-being. 

A traditional synchronized full body massage can also be given by two experienced Ayurvedic practitioners using medicated oil to suit the individual's Prakriti (constitution). This four-handed treatment provides a smooth and rhythmic massage to leave you feeling mentally calm and physically restored. Abhyanga improves physical health by assisting with the elimination of toxins, clearing heaviness and stiffness in the body, resulting in a feeling of lightness and assists with inducing a state of deep relaxation.


Benefits of Abhyanga :

  • promotes relaxation and offers calming effect
  • reduces stress
  • relieves fatigue and lethargy
  • improves circulation
  • provides an uplifting effect on the mind and body, offering clarity of mind and enhanced vision
  • restores balance and equilibrium between the mind and body
  • increases motivation and focus
  • relieves tight, tense muscles
  • lubricates the joints and nourishes a tissue
  • pacifies the complete nervous system
  • improves sleep
  • gives healthy and glowing skin, softens and smooths the skin
  • provides strength and increases immunity , builds resistance to injuries and facilitating quicker healing


Kamila Banaszewska

Kamila has been trained in various alternative therapies. In 2010 she completed the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies (Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology), in 2012 she obtained the VTCT Certificate in Indian Head massage and also gained training in Ayurvedic treatments. Recently she graduated with an Honours degree in Complementary Healthcare in Aromatherapy from Edinburgh’s Napier University. Kamila is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies.

Website: www.facebook.com/kamila.banaszewska


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