Restorative Full Moon Yoga with Sound Healing

full moon yoga

We invite you to our Yoga Class where  we will focus to  help  to  let go of what we don’t need any more. We will start with gently opening of the body to the new beginnings of spring. Bringing compassion through the opening of our heart in these challenging times. The theme will be restorative with the healing vibrations of the ancient wisdom of healing sound bath. Come and join us for this energising event.

This week’s full moon in Libra is the culmination of a six month long process that was initiated last October 2018, with the new moon in Libra. Think back to what you were ruminating over at that point, and ask yourself what has grown. What narratives have unfolded, and how have they developed? The Aries/Libra binary talks to us about the balance between self and other. The desire to carve out an identity for ego development, versus the need we have to find harmony in partnership.

Think how  your relationships changed since October? Has new information come to light? Where are the edges of yourself in love, in partnership, in friendship? How much do you give and what do you get? All of these are pertinent questions for this upcoming full moon. Full moons are also a time of release. If there are old narratives you’ve been clinging to around your relationships, this is a beautiful time to gently let go of them. In doing so, you make room for what’s next.

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