Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide Swedish or deep tissue full body massage. Ideal for relieving stress and tension, can help alleviate fascial restrictions using a criss-cross massage stroke, and relieve tight, painful muscles and tendons through kneading and rolling strokes.

Can improve the skins texture and tone due to improving the circulation

Helps to relieve stress and build up tension all over the body

Can help break down the fat deposits and with lymphatic drainage eliminate cellulite and toxins

It can increase joint and muscle flexibility

Can promote a restful sleep and may help with sleeping disorders to calm the mind

Increases levels of energy after reaching deep relaxation

We are recommending this massage before RF body treatments for better results

Bamboo Massage

£ 80
  • 60 Minutes Massage

Bamboo Massage

£ 110
  • 90 Minutes Massage

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