Chocolate Massage

Chocolate massage treatment is the essence of indulgence while promoting healthy skin, a deep sense of wellbeing and removing toxins from the body. We use pure, melted down chocolate that is mixed with almond oil and essential aromatherapy oils. Chocolate has properties that tone and moisturize the skin, plus it smells divine. Our all over chocolate massage body treatment works on the whole body. This beautiful treatment offers benefits that include giving you a deep sense of relaxation, relieves tension in the back, neck and shoulders, rid the body of impurities, break down fatty tissues and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The treatment is wonderful and will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and special.

Firms the skin

As a moisturizing agent

Rich in anti-oxidants

It is relaxing

Good for health

Good for cellulite

Calming effects

Chocolate Massage

£ 90
  • 60 Minutes Massage

Chocolate Massage

£ 130
  • 90 Minutes Massage

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