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Kama Calm Holistic Therapies brings the knowledge of traditional techniques to balance Mind Body and Spirit and to help you to live healthy, happy and inspired life.

massage & holistic therapies

Welcome to KamaCalm

Kama Calm was launched in July 2012 in Morningside Edinburgh with the primary objective of treating the whole person with a truly holistic approach, understanding not only their physical pain but the origin and root cause(s) of pain and tensions, identifying the best treatment and bringing relief. Starting from well-established and proven Holistic therapies such as Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, Kama Calm quickly expanded into providing Ayurvedic Treatments such as the popular Abhyanga. This treatment utilises massage combined with warm oil penetrating deep into the skin not only relaxing muscles but also re-establishing balance for the individual.

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What is Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)?

Kinetic Chain Release is a simple yet extremely effective system of mobilizations and stretches, developed by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert, that brings the physical body back into balance quickly and easily, frequently providing a high degree of relief and even instant resolution in many cases. This simple procedure is revolutionising physical rehabilitation globally, often achieving complete and lasting results in one treatment in many people where all other forms of intervention had proven unsuccessful.

Customers Review

Cannot recommend Kamila enough! I have trouble with my back and neck and Kamila advised a bamboo massage. It was very relaxing and I feel so much better. Kamila is really knowledgeable and skilled, I’ll definitely rebook for another bamboo massage.
Kamila is a very welcoming and incredibly skilled therapist. This was my first Shirodhara and it was a truly relaxing and zen experience, and I was in good hands. Her treatment room is relaxing and a wonderful place to tune out from the outside world. I look forward to booking again and would thoroughly recommend the experience.
An incredible first massage with Kamila! I will definitely be coming back. She is so talented and my massage felt very intuitive for what I needed. It was also a cozy and welcoming atmosphere which is only a plus. Thank you again!

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