Glow up includes 1,5h of Facial Massage with Reflexology Massage.
Head to Toe Package
1,5 hour of Indian Head Massage, Face Massage Reflexology. Don’t like your body to be touched? Let us do a little bit by letting your mind to relax and get rid of the tension through Indian Head Massage, followed by facial with hydrating mask and finished with reflexology treatment to balance and relax your body.
Shiroabhynaga Package includes 1 hour of Abhyanga Massage and 45 mins of Shirodhara Head Massage.
2 hours of Dry Body brush with full body scrub, face massage foot massage. We will start by getting rid of dry winter skin with dry brushing. Your body will detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage, your skin will reveal glowing and youthful and will help to reduce cellulite by breaking down any trapped toxins from within the body and helps the body to eliminate them. This will prepare for a body scrub with the powder, mini facial to finish with foot massage.
Summer Special includes 2 hours of Kinetic Chain Release with Udvartana Massage.

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