Happy Diwali – Festival of lights

happy diwali

Happy Diwali

This month sees us recognise the festival of lights, Diwali.  Millions of us across the world will celebrate with five days of celebration. We decorate our homes, light our diyas and enjoy visiting friends and family to exchange gifts. The festival of light is a time for supporting and feeding people less fortunate than ourselves and worshipping our gods and goddesses.  This is a time for celebration and for taking time to recognise the victory of light over darkness.

We wish our friends across the world a very happy Diwali!

Diwali is a time of self-care and rituals. For example, the Abhyanga oil scrub bath will happen when the elders in the household wake you to take a rejuvenating oil and scrub bath before the sun rises.  This special morning ritual puts vitality and vigour back into our bodies, tired from a year of clamour and daily neglect!

To celebrate Diwali this year, and to share those celebrations with you, we have chosen three of our favourite Ayurvedic treatments to feature and offer special Diwali self-care packages to you.  Descriptions of the treatments are below followed by details of the packages.


An Udvartana treatment is a treat for anybody at any time. Leaving you with a beautiful complexion, improving your skin tone and de-stressing you whilst also invigorating you. It’s a famous treatment in Ayurveda where we use an application of herbal powders and oils on the entire body. Find out more about Udvartana…


An Abhyanga massage treatment is a traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage. Using gorgeous herbal-infused massage oils you’ll feel restored afterwards. The oils used are specific to you and your circumstances at the time of massage – it’s personal for you.  You’ll feel relaxed, and uplifted and your muscles will be relieved from tightness and you’ll leave with healthy glowing skin. Find out more about Abhyanga…


Shirodhara is an amazing experience. A blissful and rejuvenating luxurious head treatment involving the flowing of aromatic oils over your scalp and through your hair to create a blissful sensation. Purifying your mind, reducing anxiety and stress and expanding awareness. Find out more about Shirodhara…


To celebrate Diwali with you we have chosen three special packages which will treat, heal and energise your body and mind. Taking place at our beautiful Bruntsfield location you will feel every bit as special and light as a Diwali Diya.

This is a fabulous opportunity to put yourself and your health and wellbeing well and truly at the forefront. Please just get in touch to get your package booked and begin your journey to rejuvenation.