Udvartana and its benefits

Udvartana is the most famous body treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight. It is a body toning program, with an application of a combination of prescribed herbal powder and oil on the entire body. It is used in the treatment to reduce fat and strengthen the body, at the same time taking care that the body does not become too rough and dry in the whole process.

Udvartana can be used to lose weight, improve skin complexion, de-stress and relax and as a natural full-body exfoliation treatment.

In the treatment of Udvartana, we use herbal powders (in form of oils or dry powders) that are dry and rough in nature and hot in potency. The oil used for Udvartana is sesame-based, which is hot in potency and is infused with herbs that create lightness, dryness, roughness, remove the blockages and stiffness, and also have a ‘cutting or liquefying action’ on the fat tissue. This oil also takes care that the skin does not become dry superficially and remains soft and supple after the treatment.

This herbal paste (powders and oils), when rubbed on the body in a specific manner, creates friction, which opens the pores, removes blockages in vessels, increases the heat in the tissues, and percolates inside to stimulate fat metabolism.


  • Beautiful skin complexion
  • Cleanses and revitalizes the skin and removes body odour
  • Improves skin tone – even if you are losing weight with exercises, other forms of diet, etc.
  • de-stresses you, but at the same time also have an invigorating effect (reduces Vata and Kapha).
  • Reduced cellulite/ subcutaneous fat tissue.
  • Removes the blockages in the blood vessels opens pores, removes body stiffness, facilitating better absorption of oils through the skin.
  • When taken as a part of a treatment program including a strict Ayurvedic diet plan, regular exercise or Yoga, and appropriate internal Ayurvedic herbal medication as prescribed by the Ayurveda physician, it helps to reduce weight and gives a well-toned body.